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Different Types of Printer and Their Advantages

It is very common not to give your office printer much thought. In fact, most people are annoyed by their printer because it either does not perform as intended or seems to go through a significant amount of supplies. Many people have even thought of eliminating the printer from their office altogether for these reasons.

The truth is, these businesses that are dissatisfied with their office printers is usually because they have the wrong machine to meet their needs. Printers are not all the same. Every type of printer is designed to meet a special need. If you have the wrong printer, you will not get the service from it that you desire.

For example, an ink jet printer is the least expensive printer that you can purchase. Many offices opt for these small printers for different desktops throughout their office. Then they are very surprised when these printers are slow and burn through ink printing office documents.

An inkjet printer is not meant for office use. It is designed for occasional printing at home. Some inkjets have a little higher technology and are great for printing pictures at home, but they are really not meant for an office setting.

In an office, you will want to opt for a laser office printer or a larger copier-printer. These machines are designed to produce a significant amount of copy while using fewer consumables. Laser printers and copy machines run off of toner, not ink. Toner can produce a lot more copies for a significantly lower cost.

By comparison, a desktop inkjet printer may get 100-150 black and white copies out per cartridge. Less if you are using full color. A small laser copier, however, can produce about 2,000 – 2,500 pages of black and white copy before needing to be changed. Laser color is not as high but still exceeds an inkjet by 10 times. For an office of larger size, a larger Charlotte printer machine may be necessary.

When you are looking for the right Charlotte printer for your office, we encourage you to speak with one of our reps. Our office solutions team will ask you what type of printing you perform at your office on a daily basis and provide you with options that will meet your needs.