Get your processes on track: start up two powerful workflow engines to streamline your business processes.


  • Easily implements any business process with required steps, actions and pre- and post- conditions
  • Notifies participants included in the process via email of required actions
  • Allows users to add documents and other objects to their electronic to-do list to maximize efficiency and organization
  • Enables users to quickly see the status of documents or other objects “at a glance”
  • Advances processes to the next step with a single click
  • Automatically alerts users when tasks are assigned or when processes are overdue, to minimize delays in the process
  • Allows users to update the process simply by dragging and dropping steps and assignees, attaching documents, setting milestones and specifying other details such as deliverables and due dates
  • Tracks users and activities performed in order to increase security and ensure complete transparency throughout the process

Kelly Office Solutions and Microsoft SharePoint® can:

  • Automate tasks
  • Simplify processes
  • Store documents and data in one central location
  • Retain records for a specified amount of time

Starting with Microsoft SharePoint®: Kelly Office Solutions can have you up and running in no time.

You know the incredible potential and power that SharePoint® can bring to the table. But you may be unsure exactly where and how you want to harness that power for your staff, your clients, and your business. No problem! Kelly Office Solutions has helped companies throughout the region in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte successfully integrate SharePoint® into their work processes. Our fully trained, professional and experienced SharePoint® experts are ready to help you look at all of the possibilities, then determine the most effective ways to use SharePoint®.