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A Guide to Server and Desktop Management

Windows Server Administration is an advanced program that manages and operates your server and all attached devices. Your desktop/ server management software will operate everything from simple print files to more comprehensive files such as virtualization and application management.

In a business world where server reliability is crucial to operating success, it is very important to know what to do if your desktop/ server management program is not working. While many of these servers have self-healing properties, there are times when you will need to bring in a specialist to help repair the problem.

Our Greensboro IT services include server management and repair. We can actively work with your server on site, or through remote access to find the problems and get them corrected quickly. We understand how important it is for your company to have access to all of its digital files and programs.

In addition to repairs, our Greensboro IT services can provide you with installation and setup of new servers, management of programs and hardware, as well as training sessions for your employees. We offer a complete set of services designed to keep your company operating in the Digital Age.

Protect your company and your assets by making sure that your server is protected by anti-virus software, is routinely checked for problems before they arise, and is the current operating version of your management software. Simple things that may not seem to make a large difference can place your company on-hold if the computer system goes down.