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How the Cloud Can Help You

Businesses of all sizes understand the importance of having access to the latest technologies to run their business. The need for updated software and digital storage solutions is often at the top of the list for needs for any business. Sadly, the costs associated with many technologies are prohibitive for smaller companies when they need to pay up front for these services.

Greensboro cloud storage services are a way for all businesses to have access to the technologies they need to run their business at an affordable price. Instead of businesses devoting their technology budget into purchasing software and storage, they can subscribe to Kelly Office Solutions Managed Cloud Services. Kelly Services has created a pay-as-you-grow service that allows you to purchase only the services and storage space you need each month.As a leading Greensboro IT company, Kelly Services has designed a way for businesses to access Microsoft Office Products to manage their businesses and offer secure cloud storage so that businesses remain in compliance with all laws as well as have enough data space to manage their companies.

These Greensboro cloud storage services are protected with the latest technologies to keep your data free from malware and viruses. Email retention and encryption services are offered as well as spam protection. Businesses will benefit from every service offered by this leading Greensboro IT company.

As a final bonus, businesses will love the fact that it is a pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you grow type of service. You are not under any obligation and you pay monthly for the services that you use. Your bill will only change when your business grows and needs more services and space. This makes this type of service economical for any size business.