Real Estate

How nice would it be to be able to show your customers five or six houses at a time without having to drive around town? Well, now you can do all this and more with our interactive smart boards. With these smart boards, you can review floor plans and view homes with their interiors without having to leave the office. You can even have someone on-site to do a tour with your customers still in the office. Contact us today about the possibilities smart boards could create for you!


Today’s youth interact with technology on a much larger scale than their parents and teachers ever did. Utilizing technology to assist in teaching is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, as well. Building a structure for our youth to learn and grow from is imperative for their future and ours. Let us show you how interactive smart boards can help you connect with the increasing number of tech-savvy students, and make learning genuinely limitless and fun again!


The corporate and business structure has changed quite a bit the past twenty years. We’ve waved goodbye to the office and cube life and have moved to home offices and collaboration spaces. With these changes comes the new technology to assist in making this a smooth process. Our interactive smart boards will take your meetings to the next level with conferences and business meetings. Let us show how smooth the transition to this fast-paced technology can be!

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