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Introduction to Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion detection has become necessary for networks of any size that seek protection from security threats and intrusions to their network. Hacking is now considered to be the largest “white collar” crime taking place in the world, and every network is vulnerable to this type of threat.

Hackers are continually mining for information that they can resell. This may be personal information, credit information, business secrets, product or manufacturing techniques, or even marketing lists. Because they do not care what information they can steal, just as long as it is information, every business and every industry is at risk.

What Is An Intrusion Detection System?

An intrusion prevention or detection system is a program that continually monitors tae flow of traffic through your network and looks for points of vulnerability. By examining where traffic is coming from, and how it is accessing your network, the program can discover if there are points in those passageways that would allow the visitor to get more access to your information than you would allow.

Our Winston-Salem IT services can easily install this type of program to protect your network and your information. If the program detects any type of vulnerability, we can also provide you with the solutions you will need to protect your data from hackers.

We believe that this is one of the best Winston Salem IT services that we can provide a company. Businesses that have their data breached often cannot recover from the event. Clients who are impacted by the information stolen often seek legal recourse, and even if they do not, their trust has been broken and they often seek to conduct business with other companies that offer more security.