Managed Network Services

A True IT Partnership

Winston-salem network servicesAn IT partner not provider. We understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology support with just such business services.

We’ve built a program focused on how we can increase profits and reduce risk with IT. We will provide proactive monitoring, management, support, and planning to ensure optimum uptime for your business and help you keep up with technology changes.

One of the major challenges in maintaining IT operations is ensuring reliability and trying to predict what will fail and when. We can build a plan to ensure reliability and predictability in your IT operations by gaining a full understanding of your current structure and outlining a plan to stabilize and standardize that includes a predictable budget.

Our program involves shared risk and accountability. As your trusted advisor we will use technology as a tool to help you meet your goals and strategically advance your business.

This solution is so effective, our customers see almost immediate results. A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, yielding higher productivity and savings on support costs for you. At the same time, your exposure to security risks is dramatically lessened, and frustration from unstable IT resources almost vanishes. We allow our customers to focus on their core business functions by taking the worry out of owning a computer network.

Process Improvement in IT

Do these issues plague your business?

  • Unreliable network? Is yours perceived as a “necessary evil” and not as integral to improving business performance?
  • Downtime impact? Are IT outages distracting your staff from their core focus, or prohibiting them from working efficiently and costing you money?
  • No IT Accountability? Are you frustrated by slow response, reactive issue resolution and lack of explanation around work performed on your network?
  • Unpredictable IT costs? Do you struggle with finding space in the budget for IT expenses and pay bills you don’t completely understand?

Program Advantages:

  • Increased productivity: Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution.
  • Reduced business impact from IT failures: Combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring means we minimize failures that could impact your business. Your network behaves in a stable and reliable manner.
  • Reduced network downtime through proactive maintenance: Through regular, preventative maintenance activities designed to keep your network operating efficiently, we reduce the number of emergency incidents you encounter.

Program Features

Preventative Maintenance ensures that your servers, PCs and other vital network devices function optimally. This improves reliability and security.

Email Performance Monitoring of every device and system connected to your email service. We stay constantly aware of the user email experience.

24×7 Performance Monitoring ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.

Firewall Management continually manages the operation and effectiveness of your corporate firewall. A complex system that needs thorough attention to keep your business secure.

Security Policies and Configurations uses properly designed and implemented security and user policies to ensure your network is secured from the inside out. We report any infractions that occur.

Email Content Filtering proactively blocks SPAM email, reducing the amount of time your employees spend reading and deleting unwanted and unsolicited email.

Standard Features

Life-Cycle Management – Refreshing your hardware with the latest technology improves reliability and performance and keeps you ahead of the technology curve.

Remote Monitoring – In-depth health performance monitoring of all elements of your business’ IT assets Endpoint Security Total desktop security solution including Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Hosted Intrusion Protection.

Email Filtering – 80% of all virus are delivered via email. This service offers perimeter protection preventing unwanted email and spam from reaching your network or users.

Backup & Disaster Recovery – Ensure business continuity through scheduled back-up of critical data and restoration in the event of data loss. Apply industry best-practices for the protection of your data against loss through regular on-site backup.

Remote Remediation – Technicians work remotely on your network to resolve issues.

Proactive Management – Constant monitoring of your network health allows us to fix things before they break resulting in system reliability

Standard Reporting – Network health reporting and quarterly reviews with our experts to align business needs and technology

Line of Business Application Assistance – Regardless of what application you are working in, we give you one place to call and will work with your software provider to get you to a resolution.

Hosted Email – Email is critical to every business. Our best-in-class solution gives you access to email from any device anywhere, full features and functionality for a professional appearance, and ensures all data is secure.

Unified Threat Management – Total network security ensures you are protected from threats and able to manage where users spend their time on the internet.

Stop Buying Downtime – Invest in Uptime