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2016 September


Gain A Competitive Edge with Managed IT

No matter your industry, network connectivity and information technology are almost certainly important to your business. Unfortunately, managing IT internally is often an unnecessary and costly burden. Consider moving to managed IT, where you’ll gain a new competitive edge.

Access to Unbeatable Expertise
Regardless of your business’ industry, IT always needs to be managed. Most small businesses can’t afford to hire designated IT staff to manage technology, resulting in a hodge-podge of users clicking through help forums to find solutions to problems as they come up. Even mid-sized businesses will be stuck with IT generalists, responsible for a wide variety of technology issues. The dedicated specialist that comes with Managed IT, on the other hand, will be well-informed about even uncommon issues—no more scrambling to keep up with the latest technology. With Managed IT, you get all the benefits of having a team of experts..

Industry Stories

4 Tips to Fine-tune Your Sales Team

1. Put the customer first – Top-performing sales teams devote more time to their clients, developing deep relationships and real connections. Depth is better than breadth, and actual contact time is key. Building solid relationships with your clients can even result in…

Quick Fixes for Everyday Print Problems

TPrinting Too Slow Double-check the size of the file that you are attempting to print. If you’re asking too much of your printer’s memory, reduce the file size or collapse memory-hogging layers. If the file size is reasonable, try printing in draft (or fast) mode. Save…

Make The Most out of Millennials in the Workplace

Take advantage of millennials’ motivation and need for engagement by considering the following ways to make the most out of the younger members of your team. 1. Affinity for technology – Millennials see technology as not just a tool, but an integral part of…

Community News

Why You Should Never Eat at Your Desk Again

You need to get out of your chair for your health – Studies show that sitting for too long can shorten your life span. It increases our risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 Diabetes, and strokes. Spending all day at our desks can also lead to anxiety and depression.