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2017 August


Avoid Pain Points by Outsourcing Your IT

As organizations become increasingly more reliant on technology for their day-to-day business operations, IT is a critical area for businesses both large and small. Managing your IT infrastructure is a complex, demanding, and fluid endeavor. It is a task that most companies simply aren’t capable of adequately tackling themselves due to lack of time and resources. Today’s IT-driven work environment presents your team with a number of pain points that will inevitably arise.

By outsourcing IT services to a Managed Services vendor, you can alleviate a number of pain points associated with an in-house approach to IT including:

Industry Stories

Modern Employee Motivation Techniques

Motivating employees is a simple task in theory. However, understanding what motivates each unique individual on your team and then adjusting your management style accordingly is easier said than done. Consider these three steps to motivate your employees by making them…

Monochrome Printers Are Growing in Popularity

Monochrome, or black-and-white, printers are used extensively across the globe by offices, organizations, universities, and in homes. This trend is expected to grow, according to a new report penned by TMR Research titled “Monochrome Printer Market – Global Industry…

Overcoming Communication Issues in the Workplace

Communication issues hinder productivity and efficiency, which ultimately cost your business money. Here are the three most common communication issues and how you can overcome them in the office: Language Barriers: One way to better communicate is by listening to…

Community News

Cal Ripken Baseball World Series

Kelly Office Solutions was a proud sponsor of the Cal Ripken Baseball World Series 2017 in Clemmons, NC, August 3rd – 10th. Pictured L to R: Ron Fairhurst, Vice President of Sales; Al Rogers, Account …

Quota Club

Celebrating another fantastic quarter and year. Congratulations to all …