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2019 September


The Centers For Exceptional Children

We had the opportunity this past week to take a tour at The Centers for Exceptional Children in Winston Salem. The staff and teachers at this facility do incredible work with these children. They work hard every day to provide an environment for the children to reach their fullest potential. For more than 65 years, The Centers for Exceptional Children has been providing a critical combination of support services, programs, and facilities dedicated to one thing: helping children and their families thrive. Kelly Office Solutions made a contribution to this establishment for all the incredible work they do for our community and families. Our Vice President of Sales, Ron Fairhurst, was a huge hit with the kids. If you would like to help this establishment by volunteering or donating, please visit their website today. TheCFEC

Industry Stories

Top Sales and Over Achievers

This year has gotten off to a great year for all of us here at Kelly Office Solutions. Our sales team is truly excelling in all of their tasks and going above and beyond. Dale Sartin was our Top Solution Salesman for August, and Alex Lake was our Top Water Salesman! We also had quite a few of Over Achievers for this past month as well.

Do Toner Cartridges Have an Expiration Date?

As with most things we purchase, those toner cartridges you keep on hand for your printer have an expiration date. However, does this expiration date really matter? While toner lasts longer than the printing ink used in inkjet printers, just like your milk, eggs, and condiments, a toner cartridge has a finite shelf life and should be used before it goes bad. Unlike those other items, using toner after its expiration date has passed won’t make you violently ill, but it can have ill effects on your print jobs and the devices they’re used in.