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2020 March


H.O.P.E. Event Success! Meals for kids!

It was a great event on March 6, 2020, for H.O.P.E. of Winston Salem. Kelly Office Solutions had the wonderful opportunity to be the water sponsor for this event to help keep all of their guests hydrated while they bid on items and donated money for meals for kids. Money was raised at this event to feed children in food deserts around the area. H.O.P.E. of Winston Salem does a fantastic job for our community. If you would like to help, donate, or get involved, follow the link. Help feed the children!

Industry Stories

Spring Giveaway Time

Kelly Office Solutions will be doing a giveaway drawings through our Google My Business reviews on April 20th. We will have three giveaways for our three different branches. You can enter the giveaway three separate times by submitting a Google My Business review for each of our offices. This giveaway will begin on March 16th and run through April 19th. We will be sending out reminders and links through our social media channels starting on Monday. These baskets will have candy and other fun items for you to enjoy. Be on the lookout through our social media for the links to enter.

Amazing job by our Sales Team

We had a fantastic February with our outstanding Sales Team. For that very reason, we would like to take a moment to thank all of the members of our team that went above and beyond. Dale Sartin did a fantastic job this past month, hitting 566% of his quota number. No surprise, he was the Top Sales Representative for February. Another big round of applause to our Over Achievers for the month Jade Pugh, Tom Skeels, Al Rogers, Taylor Ross, Brian Thacker, and Mitch Lowrey! Way to go team and keep up the excellent work!

(pictured below left to right Al Rogers, Jade Pugh, and Mitch Lowrey)

Be More Effective By Working Smarter, Not Harder

Despite all the chatter about work-life balance, it can be challenging to get your work done in an average workday and leave on time. For many of us, our workload can make it seem like there are never enough hours in a day. Working extra hours isn’t always an option due to commitments and responsibilities in our personal lives, and not always a good idea because employee output decreases after a certain point. So, where does that leave …