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2020 July


Is Your Printer Putting You at Risk While You Work Remotely?

As many professionals continue to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve hardly skipped a beat. Businesses have made tremendous strides enabling their employees to work as efficiently away from the office as they do in it. Technology has made this possible, facilitating the communication and collaboration we require to maintain productivity. However, this same technology does present new risks for businesses; the mobility and agility we’re …

Industry Stories

What DocuWare with KOS can do for you!

Are you getting overwhelmed at your office with paper and email invoices? Are you having vendor relationship issues due to late fees and a lengthy approval process? If these are some of the challenges you’re going through in your business, let Kelly Office Solutions help you run more efficiently. We can help free up your staff by removing the manually shuffling of invoices and double-entry typing. With DocuWare, we can help you capture the document, secure its storage, and automate the workflow for a quick and easy approval process.

What’s in your water?

ust because you can’t see things in your water doesn’t mean they aren’t there. For the most part, we expect our water to be clean if we send it through a filter, and filters can remove some of the items that are in our water, but not all of them. You can make sure that your water is free of viruses, lead, and other hazardous materials with a reverse osmosis filter. These filters are one of a kind that purifies your drinking water so you can stay hydrated without worrying about what is going into your body.

Whose on your network?

Security is a word that is coming up a lot in all spectrums of our lives. Whether this is financial security or business and network security, it is on all of our minds. If we focus on cybersecurity just for a moment, you might think your network is secure if you have a wifi password or anti-virus software on your equipment. These are myths, and your system can still be at risk even with some of these precautions. Take a moment to check these facts. If you fall into any of these misconceptions, the good news is we can help! email us today: