Do you know where your copier dollars are going? We can help.


Printer and copier productivity, usage and output are among the least audited expenses in a company

…yet those document production costs actually account for 1-3% of total revenue! It’s no surprise that most companies who work with Kelly Office Solutions end up saving up to 30% or more on these expenses after we’ve gone through our full assessment with them.

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Our print assessment is a four-step process we created to assess, plan, measure and manage your company’s printing output. Simply put, we figure out if your current multifunction devices (printer/scanner/copier/fax) are the right size for your office.

  1. Assess – How does your office currently utilize your printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers? How many devices are there? Who is responsible for maintenance, repair and supplies?
  2. Plan – How can we make things better? What steps can we take to improve efficiency and workflow?
  3. Measure – What does success look like? Is it lower costs on supplies and maintenance? Is it fewer complaints to the IT guy?
  4. Manage – Where do we go from here? How do we foresee problems before they arise? Let’s be proactive instead of reactive.

We’ll take a look at the current usage of your devices to get an accurate gauge of supplies among other things. This is part of our on-site survey where we talk to key staff members about the challenges with your current setup. We’ll map out the locations of your current copier/printers so we can offer recommendations for relocation and/or additional placements.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of Kelly Office Solutions’s assessment plan:

  • Save up to 30% on your printing costs
  • Save office space by consolidating products
  • Increase productivity and user satisfaction
  • Plan for future expansion and technology

Work with a Kelly Office Solutions technology advisor to determine how we can help you get you on the road to total document productivity.