Bottled Water is Not as Safe as it Appears

Most people assume bottled drinks are the safest source. But investigative research shows that this product does not nearly reach the purity standards that consumers expect the product to possess. There have been over 24,000 chemicals found in bottled drink samples!

Some of these are released from the plastic itself as it slowly degrades during it’s shelf life. Besides the environmental consequences of the millions of tons of plastic created from bottles, they pose a direct threat to our health as well. Studies are constantly updating our understanding of the role of environmental toxins in disease and general health conditions.

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Bottled drink from at least 6 countries has been found to contain traces of endocrine disrupting chemicals which have measurable effects on hormonal balance that can be expressed with symptoms related to metabolic imbalance, cognitive function and psychological health. This is in addition to contributing to more drastic conditions such as cancer, birth defects, cardiovascular irregularities, and developmental impediments.

It is recommended by many health experts to limit consumption from plastic bottles to situations with no other viable options. Filtering systems can be used to improve the purity and taste from the tap. Consider this option for the home and office. In travel to other countries, filtering straws can be used with little inconvenience in terms of size and carry burden. And if glass bottles are available, choose them whenever feasible.

One point to keep in mind is that being too worried about the health and environmental risks of consuming from plastic bottles, that you abstain from adequate hydration, is not a better solution. You are better off using the product in plastic then dehydrating yourself.


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