Bottled Water is Wasteful

Charlotte Office Water coolers When considering an investment in a purification cooler for a work environment, factors go far beyond the cost of using bottles. The consumption and disposal of these bottles has produced an environmental crisis. If you think you can just drop each plastic bottle into a recycle bin and negate the environmental consequence, you may not realize some startling statistics about the fate of many of these bottles.

Charlotte Office Water Coolers

First of all, realize that recycling takes energy. This process is extremely non renewable resource intensive. And bottles that are incinerated are responsible for the release of hazardous exhaust into the environment. And at the rate we consume these bottles, the environmental impact is substantial.

And it is the only the PET plastics that can actually be recycled. The fact is that most of the bottles with the recycle friendly arrows winds up as trash that would require over a thousand years to biodegrade. Roughly 80% of the plastic bottles disposed of, whether in recycle receptacles or not, remain in our environment and release toxins as they slowly degrade.

And unfortunately, consumers can not be trusted to recycle anyway. Studies have found that only 1 out every 5 plastic bottles are actually discarded in recycling bins. This has led to American landfills spilling over with 2 million tons of plastic bottles!