Bottleless Water Coolers

Winston Salem Office Water coolers To reduce both your carbon footprint and the need to supply bottles in the home or office, a compact cooler series is available at Kelly Office Solutions with options for cold, hot, sparkling, and ambient temperatures.

You can choose from 5 models depending on the combination of temperature choices desired:


Dispenses your choice of cold or ambient temperature. Ambient comes out at room temperature by bypassing the cooling coils in the unit.



This model offers both hot and cold temperature for ready to drink or steeping teas.



This model features the unique sparkling beverage option to accommodate the increasing popularity of this drink being sold in bottles. Cold temperature is also dispensed from this model.



This unit combines the most popular choices in home or office coolers. The user has available hot and cold temperature in addition to sparkling.

Winston Salem Office Water Coolers


And another combination possibility in this light and space sensitive unit is hot and cold temperature as well as ambient. Ambient temperature can be beneficial in cooking when a neutral temperature is needed for proper preparation of ingredients. This temperature is also appreciated by those with oral sensitivities related to tooth and gum health.

In any model, the simple press of a button will instantly dispense the user’s choice of temperature. This model is available worldwide. Prices will vary depending on geographic location, desired features by model, and installation.