CO2 Emissions Threaten Ocean Safety

Most of us do not realize the effect that drinking a simple and basic resource can have on the environment. But drinking out of the millions of tons of plastic bottles we consume Greensboro Office Water coolersand discard has a direct impact on the health crisis our oceans are currently suffering.

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CO2 has a drastic effect on our marine environment. climate scientists warn that 30% of the carbon dioxide we have produced is absorbed by our oceans. This effects a great many climate patterns which are currently in upheaval. Ocean temperature is being rapidly altered. This contributes the extreme weather pattern behavior we have been experiencing with increasing fluctuation in the most recent decades. The change also endangers marine life.

Because CO2 is a slightly acidic gas, it is also acidifying the sea. This disrupts the healthy, natural cycle of every marine creatures’ life. The production, incineration, and even the recycling of plastic bottles has elevated CO2 levels in recent decades.

This combined with the dramatically rising amount of heat a more industrialized society creates, wreaks havoc on the environment. Scientists estimate that the oceans have absorbed 90% of the elevated levels of heat we have produced since 1970. The warmer temperatures in our oceans decrease the levels of oxygen the ocean can retain. Oxygen is one of the most basic and critical elements required to sustain life in any environment.

Choosing to undertake your hydration without the consumption of disposable plastic bottles is an immediate and significant step you can take to avoid contributing to the harmful CO2 concentrations we are facing on our planet.