Full Service Solutions For Drinking Water in Home Or Office

One of the best coolers available to provide the highest quality drinking for the home or office is offered by Kelly Office Solutions. Our PHSI line of coolers is renowned in the purification system industry for it’s complete contaminant removal that produces a superior tasting beverage. The PW3i model is their most complete product loaded with the full array of cooler features that allow ease of use and all the user control options with simple, one touch access.

Winston Salem Office Water Delivery

bluVpwt-C_0327bThe antimicrobial Clean Contact touchpad surface prevents bacterial contamination in an environment of frequent use by many users. This keeps the cooler sanitary with no added maintenance required.

ATS – Auto Tank Sanitization keeps the holding tank sanitized without routine cleaning needed.

During the ATS process, an Activated Oxygen Injection produces a freshness in the drink beyond that in bottles which users can taste.

24/7 System Monitoring is made possible by a patented microprocessor technology that constantly monitors and adjusts for activated oxygen injection, filter life, and purity quality.

Pure Touch Dispensing allows for germ free dispensing with a spacious chamber below the nozzle to prevent contact with the drink containers. This is possible with the space saved by eliminating the bulky and heavy water bottles that need to be delivered and changed daily.

Adjustable Temperature Control is programmable to user preference for a beverage at the optimal temperature. And hot is instantly dispensed at up to 198 degrees for teas.

Full Array of Filters for Complete Removal of All Common Contaminants:

  • Sediment Filter – removes dirt, rust and silt
  • Carbon Block Filter – removes chemicals, solvents and chlorine
  • 80 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane – removes lead, mercury and arsenic
  • Granular Activated Carbon Filter – final polish
  • Activated Oxygen Injection – removes bacteria, viruses and parasites