Premium Coffee Service

Charlotte office coffeeWe acquire our beans exclusively through socially conscious green buyers such as Cafe Imports and Royal New York. This guarantees top quality organic beans grown in an optimal natural environment. And you can taste the difference that sustainable harvest in natural shaded plantations and the most careful roasting practices bring to the flavor profile of the beans.

Charlotte Office Coffee

The beans available from Kelly Office Solutions are harvested in Northwest Nicaragua and traded in a way that encourages a beneficial quality of life for the growers and their community. Well-Bean, socially proactive cooperative, partnered with New Song Nicaragua Profits to support rural outreach programs in the country to allow the communities affected by the coffee export trade to thrive and enjoy benefit from their dealings with wealthier nations.

These premium beans are available for cafes, restaurants, convenience stores and any institutional sized environment that appreciates the difference responsibly traded coffee can make in the world. And Well-Bean coffees have a convenient delivery service available.