The Pure Water BluV

Winston Salem Office Water SupplyA lower investment level purification cooler for the home or office is the BLUV water cooler. This unit provides an effective alternative to multi filtered systems by employing reverse osmosis to remove contaminants.

Winston Salem Office Water Supply

The Reverse Osmosis filtration removes contaminants including TDS (total dissolved contaminants). The end beverage is then free of impurities that jeopardize the safety of it, such as dirt, chlorine from the municipal supply, hazardous concentrations of metals and minerals, and bacteria.

A dispense area light does wonders to prevent spills and waste. This light has 4 brightness adjustments for an ideal contrast to the light in the surrounding environment. And it allows users to easily line up their container so that any drip falls into the drip tray.

And bluV protection employs an ultraviolet light during the filtration process which neutralizes microbial contaminants like bacteria and viruses before being dispensed.

The BLUV model uses a multi stage filtration with Sediment Rem. The unit only weighs 56 pounds, and it has a cold tank capacity of 1.3 gallons. Which is plenty to maintain a full pressure flow for frequent filling of personal containers. BLUV’s model also features a hot tank with a half gallon capacity that instantly dispenses hot enough to steep teas. This compact unit is barely over 4 feet tall and just over 1 foot wide.