Water Coolers For Complete Purification

Water Coolers For Complete Purification

Water is life. And hydration is one of the most basic yet overlooked facets of good health. Dehydration can contribute to just about any bodily condition. Unfortunately, at this time in civilization, the purity of the drinking supply can not be taken for granted. A shortage of a potable source has led to a revolution in the sourcing and purification of it.

An obvious source for most people to drink is the office water cooler. We spend a great deal of our waking hours in our work environment. So it is critical that we consume the highest quality water possible during this portion of our life’s hours. And some of us may need to make sure an effective filter is being employed in that cooler. It may be necessary to make a request to your employer to upgrade the water purification unit to ensure a healthy supply of water.

Greensboro Office Water Supply

A reputable and effective cooler should have an internal purifying mechanism that will remove or neutralize impurities in the municipal water supply so that it tastes fresh and does not contain a concentration of chlorine that will affect its flavor. There are quite a few steps that will create a perfect source:Greensboro Office Water supply
Sediment Filter

This phase in a complete purification process removes dirt, rust, and silt.

Carbon Block Filter

In this step of a multi phase purification, dirt, rust, and chlorine are removed.

80 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This filter effectively eliminates dangerous concentrations of lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

This final refinement provides an additional filtering for the many other contaminants that may be present in the municipal supply.

Activated Oxygen Injection

The final stage of the complete process ensures the removal of bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can survive in it.

A water purification should include certain features for the best experience:

  • Clean Contact
  • ATS Auto Tank Sanitization
  • Activated Oxygen Injection
  • 24/7-System Monitoring
  • Pure Touch Dispensing
  • Adjustable Temperature Control

These are the facets of an office water cooler that produce a sanitary dispenser for the best tasting and safest drink which can not be found in many natural sources any longer. A water filter has a critical job to do. Your water filter must allow you to keep hydrated with a pleasant tasting and balanced drink that is able to retain only the most optimal ratio of naturally occurring minerals and ionization. Most of the bottled water in conventional grocery stores can not be trusted to achieve this balance. Only a reputable purification system can guarantee a safe and sanitary source for the amount of this vital resource that is needed for optimal health.