Telecom Carrier Consulting

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Telecom Carrier Consulting

Telecom Carrier Consulting: Helping you get the best bang for your buck.

How are you connected to your work and the world? We can go without a lot of tools today, but connectivity is not one of them. Today’s organizations operate in a hyper-connected environment. You can have the best technology. But without robust connectivity, your technology and your organization cannot perform at the optimized level – or sometimes even at all.

Kelly Office Solutions’ team of telecom carrier specialists help ensure organizations have the proper carrier voice, Internet and data services you need based on your technology and goals. We know the carrier network offerings and advise on which offering best meets your short and long term needs. Our multiple carrier agent relationships help ensure we “optimize” your diverse carrier needs.

Your Guide

Kelly Office Solutions’ telecom carrier specialists work with enterprise, mid-size and small businesses to customize telecommunication connectivity solutions that fit your company’s plans. Kelly Office Solutions has developed a “best-in-class” network of providers of local, long distance, internet and WAN solutions across the United States and World. We partner with some of the largest telecom carriers supporting many national and worldwide data and WAN offerings.


Why use Kelly Office Solutions?

  • Eliminate time spent learning all carrier solution options.The carriers and solutions available in the telecommunication market are vast and growing. We do the research for you and identify the best options for your organization.
  • Reduce risk of choosing a solution that doesn’t fit your organization. The telecom services you secure need to match your technology and goals. We understand the intricacies and make sure all the details are covered.
  • Lower costs and avoid negotiation headaches with telecom expense management. Kelly Office Solutions will review your current carrier voice and data network(s), including invoices, in an effort to uncover the opportunity for a network upgrade, replacement and cost savings.

Kelly Office Solutions’ telecom carrier consulting services include:

  • Invoice auditing
  • Needs assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Service optimization
  • Carrier recommendation
  • Expense management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Account and Project Management support
  • Service Manager support for trouble escalations
  • Renewal and retention
  • Customized service records