Printers are one of the most used machines in your office. You rely on these machines to produce your important documents, advertising materials, and correspondence. Taking care of your machine will help extend its life and reduce the number of service calls needed for repair.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Printers Working Properly

  1. Always Put Your Paper In The Right Way. Most people do not realize that copy paper has a top side and a bottom side. If you look at the end of the ream of paper before putting it in the machine, you will see an arrow in the corner. This arrow points to the top side of the paper. Placing this side of the stack facing up will reduce jams and help with consistency in printing.
  2. Do The Preventative Maintenance. Preventative Maintenance (PM) is a way to keep your machine working in top shape. Your Charlotte office printers service will replace worn parts and make sure things like the developers are at their proper level so that you always have clear prints.
  3. Make Sure You Keep The Machine Ventilated. Your printer can overheat if it is tucked back in the office or stacked up with papers and other office supplies. Good air flow will protect the machine.
  4. Keep Liquids Far Away. It is not uncommon for someone to head to the printer to pick up their documents and grab a cup of coffee on the way. Inevitably, the cup is set on the printer and a spill occurs. The printer is still an electronic device, liquids can destroy your machine.
  5. Work With A Good Office Machine Company. Make sure that you have a reliable Charlotte office printers service available to call for repairs and replacements of your machines. Over time, these machines do wear out. However, when you care for the machine correctly, you can significantly extend its life.