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Virtual Servers: Features and Advantages

In the past, it was required for business owners to host their own website on their private server. It was believed that this was the only responsible way to protect information and effectively manage the website. Shared servers were available, but they hosted very small sites with limited capabilities.

As the Internet has grown and technology has rapidly advanced, virtual servers are now the most cost effective and easy way for businesses to operate their business websites. These virtual servers “rent” space to several companies at once, providing them each with their own IP address and management tools and these sites function as if they were being hosted on individual servers.

What Your Charlotte IT Services Are Saying About Using A Virtual Server

Using virtual servers is now one of the main services that IT services are recommending to their customers because of the following benefits:

• Cost effective way to host a website
• Easy to manage and use all of the tools to track your site
• Other sites hosted on the server do not interfere with the performance of your site
• Security protections are managed on a larger scale giving you extra protection
• No requirements for physically maintaining a server
• A virtual server has many redundancies to eliminate site crashing and down time
• No one other than you knows that you are not hosting your own site

Business owners understand that they must have an Internet presence to be successful. They also know that they need to watch costs and trim as many tasks from their never-ending to-do lists as possible. Hosting your site on a virtual server will allow you to accomplish both of these goals.

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