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Water Health Risk: Is it Safe to Drink on Bottled Water?

Water is essential to good health. Your body needs sufficient water to function properly and to stay healthy. Most people have begun to increase their water intake each day by adding bottled water to their routine. While this is a good habit to start, bottled water may not be the healthiest choice.

Water bottled for sale in retail outlets in the U.S. are almost always in a PET bottle. PET stands for the type of plastic used to create the bottle and not the shape or size as once thought. Sadly, PET bottles have a poor reputation for being good for your health.

The PET plastic used for bottled water and soft drinks are not a completely stable material. What this means is that chemicals used to make the plastic can actually leech into the liquid that is contained in the bottle. This leeching or leaking into the liquid can occur at a more rapid rate if the bottles are exposed to long term heat, such as being displayed in a sunny place or next to a heat vent.

These chemicals have been directly connected to hormone imbalances in people, different types of pain disorders, and sadly even some forms of cancer. This makes this type of water source a risky choice when it comes to your health.

Understanding Pure Water Technology

To avoid the issues associated with PET bottles, many businesses are turning to Pure Water Technology. This technology is a water filtration system for offices that will remove all impurities to the smallest micron and provide office personnel with fresh, clean water that has not been stored in plastic.

Charlotte Office Water Supply encourages businesses to invest in Pure Water Technology to benefit their employees. Employees that have access to clean water that is free from plastic contamination will be more healthy and energetic than those who are suffering from water related health conditions.

If you are interested in improving your health and the health of your employees, contact our Charlotte Office Water Supply company to learn about the ultimate water filtration system for your business.