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Bottled Water Risk: Rethink What you Drink

When you reach for a bottle of water you believe you are making a healthy choice. After all, a bottle of water is much better for you than a sugary soda or a fifth cup of coffee. The truth is, however, that the bottle of water you are holding in your hand may not be as good for you as you believe.

Plastic Bottles

It has been proven that the longer a liquid stays in a plastic container the more contaminated the liquid becomes. Plastic has a way of releasing its chemical components into the liquids it contains. This is known as “leeching.” Some of these chemicals, known as PBA’s can be very dangerous to your health if too much is consumed over a period of time.

This happens in all types of plastics. Although many plastic bottle companies are now advertising their products as PBA –free, the plastic can still leech other chemicals into the water or other liquid that it is holding.

What is even more devastating is that heat can increase this process. When plastic bottles are stored in a hot place or exposed to the sun the chemicals are released quicker into the liquid. In the long run, the water you are drinking may be just as bad for your health as any other drink.

Office Solutions

To solve this problem, many offices are turning to Pure Water Technology to provide their employees with safe drinking water. Our Winston Salem office water supply service provides your office with safe drinking water. This beneficial service helps office employees avoid having to drink potentially contaminated bottled water by providing a supply of clean drinkable water to the office.

We believe that any company who is concerned with the health of their employees should take advantage of our Pure Water Technology and encourage their employees to put down the plastic bottles. Our Winston Salem office water supply service will gladly supply you with what you need to create a healthy substitute for plastic bottle beverages.