Every day your company creates massive amounts of business documents, from contracts and proposals to blog posts and marketing materials to manuals and much more. Often these documents are scattered all over the place in disparate digital devices or paper storage systems that take up a lot of space. Consequently, precious time is wasted trying to find important documents when they’re needed. That’s where document management can help.

Document management, also known as a Document Management System (DMS), is an automated software solution for creating, storing, managing, indexing, protecting, tracking, and retrieving digital files. You can wave goodbye to paper and manually handling forms, as well as the painstaking processes of searching through various filing cabinets for information. With document management, your files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed within seconds from anywhere. Ultimately, document management eliminates disorganization, reduces your reliance on paper, and simplifies access to information.

If your business is considering adding a document management solution, please consider Kelly Office Solutions for your needs. We will help your Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Hickory, or Charlotte office organize and secure files seamlessly with our industry-leading software solutions offerings. One of our in-house specialists is happy to speak with you about your needs, compliance regulations, and budget to match you with the right option for your business.

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Benefits of Document Management

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

With a document management solution in place, your office will realize cost savings in various ways. According to the Gartner Group, every lost document can cost a business $120, and reproducing that piece can cost $220 – for just one file! Document management solves the problem of lost files, saving your company money. Moreover, you no longer need to pay for the extra office or storage space associated with archaic filing cabinets.

Improve Security

Improve Security

As the world continues to go digital, keeping your documents secure is more important now than ever. Document management systems come with robust, built-in security features and protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your business data. These features allow you to control who can access which documents as well as give you a comprehensive view of document-related activities, such as when they were accessed and by whom.

Streamline Workflows

Streamline Workflows

Your team will realize enhanced business processes and streamlined workflows as soon as you incorporate a document management software solution. Boost collaboration with version control, where you are able to track and manage different versions of a document over time and archive older versions for reference. Increase productivity as employees access information faster due to document management’s inherent, logical, and efficient organization of files.

Enhance Compliance

Enhance Compliance

Various vertical markets are upheld to strict federal and state regulatory compliance standards that must be adhered to annually. This is particularly true when it comes to information security, sharing, and data retention for industries such as legal, accounting, and healthcare. Having a document management system in place maintains your compliance standards, helping you avoid damaging your company’s reputation and sanctions that may come when these regulations are not followed.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When you consider the term “disaster,” you may think of a catastrophic event, like a hurricane or tornado. However, when it comes to ruining your hardcopy or locally-stored files, even a minor water leak or human error can be irrevocably damaging to your business documents. Because document management ensures your files are not stored on-site, you will have peace of mind that your data is available in events both large and small to keep workflows moving forward.

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Automate Workflows with Document Management

Have you ever considered how many of your daily business processes are unnecessarily repeated or get caught up on someone’s desk and thought there had to be a better, faster way to accomplish them? Document management may be the answer you are looking for. With document management software, standard workflows can be automated by collating information from multiple sources and streamlining the management of that data. Automatic distribution of scanned documents are sent directly to the right people when they need them, from review to approval to payment processing.

Labor-intensive paper-based processes bottleneck workflows. With automated workflow solutions through a document management system, you can programmatically identify typical workflows to handle the routing, tracking, and approval processes within your business. This automation can be rolled out to every department across your organization, from human resources and accounting to purchasing and marketing. Doing so uses resources more efficiently, accelerates processes, increases productivity, and boosts your bottom line.

If you are tired of leaning on employees to ensure your tasks are streamlined and efficiently completed, it’s time to take the next step to automate workflows with document management. Kelly Office Solutions can help guide you every step of the way—from selecting the appropriate software to installation, setup, and team training—to ensure a seamless transition.

Kelly Office Solutions adheres to a higher standard, featuring equipment intended to automate your office more fully and render it more productive.

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“We rely on Kelly Office Solutions for our entire company’s printing and copying needs. We are a company with 350 employees and fourteen field offices all of which they serve. All needs are met on a timely and professional basis. It is nice to know there is still a local company here when you need them.”

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“It has also been a pleasure to work with their service department. They are polite, courteous, and very responsive to our needs. Response times are fast and the level of communication has been outstanding.”

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“Kelly Office Solutions has been one of our best vendors for six years running. The service department is prompt and efficient. In over 15 years of dealing with office equipment vendors, I have never seen a vendor that is so customer focused.”

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“Aside from the quality, efficiency, and ease of use of the products we utilize from them, their attention and constant focus on customer service are in one word impressive. Mr. Murrell and others associated with Kelly Office Solutions are quick to respond to any challenge, request, or demand placed in front of them.”

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