Printing is an often overlooked and undermanaged business function. Consequently, many organizations spend up to 30% more than they should on this key business expense. With software issues, inefficient printing, paper jams, and breakdowns that cause unnecessary downtime, printing costs can quickly spiral out of control. The good news is there is a simple and effective solution that can help manage your print-related activities.

Managed Print Services, also known as MPS, is a solution that helps you gain visibility and control of your printing. It shifts the responsibility (and headaches) for managing all your printers and copiers to a single external supplier with the expertise and experience you need. The goal of Managed Print Services is to bring all your printing and copying needs under one umbrella to increase productivity and improve your business’s efficiencies.

Following an initial assessment to determine where inefficiencies exist in your current print setup, recommendations will be made to improve your printer fleet efficiency and staff productivity. This may include replacing old inefficient devices with new ones, reducing the number of printers in your network, and training your personnel to print in the most efficient ways possible. Ongoing management and reporting ensure predictable billing, automated toner replenishment, and maximized uptime.

If your Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or Charlotte business needs to regain control of your printing expenditures and increase your print fleet’s reliability, contact Kelly Office Solutions today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your print environment.

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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Managed Print Services reduces your overall printing expenditure by consolidating devices, providing proactive maintenance, cutting back on unnecessary print jobs with ongoing user oversight and permission settings, and more!

Automated Supply Ordering

Automated Toner Replenishment

With MPS, your office will have the toner and ink supplies you need when you need them. Your team can focus on value-adding work rather than keeping up with ordering toner, and you no longer need to use valuable space to store extra, unused cartridges.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

For confidential outputs, such as HR-related documents and customer billing information, Managed Print Services can provide access controls to ensure those printouts are only seen by appropriate staff members and regulatory compliance measures are upheld.

Predictable Billing

Predictable Billing

Managed Print Services provides a predictable monthly invoice for your entire print fleet, maintenance, and consumables, rather than your team having to fulfill bills from disparate vendors for devices, consumables, and upkeep.

Maximized Uptime

Maximized Uptime

MPS ensures each and every device in your imaging fleet is monitored at all times. As such, we are able to detect and address issues before they become major problems, keeping your devices up and running at peak performance.

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The first step to better managing your printing fleet and reducing its associated costs is for Kelly Office Solutions professionals to provide you will a free, no-obligation assessment of your current print environment. Most businesses neglect to audit the expenses associated with their output devices, yet your imaging fleet can actually account for 1 – 3% of your company’s total annual revenue! By conducting an overarching audit of your office equipment, we can identify ways for your business to save to 30% or more on these expenses.

Check out the four steps of our assessment process by clicking on the options below. Each of these steps is designed to help you better understand and manage your company’s imaging devices to cut costs, save space, increase productivity, and scale your business. For more information about getting started, contact Kelly Office Solutions today!

A trained Kelly Office Solutions expert will evaluate your current imaging fleet to determine its size, efficiency, and costs. We will also speak with key members of your staff to examine your workflows to determine if your current fleet meets the demands of your daily tasks.

After Kelly Office Solutions have assessed your current print environment, we will provide recommendations to make your workflows run smoother and improve your efficiency. This may include consolidating or upgrading devices or even changing the location of your existing copiers or printers.

We will help you determine what success looks like for your printing environment, whether that be lowering costs on supplies and maintenance or letting your IT support focus on the tasks at hand rather than solving printer issues. We’ll also show you how we plan to provide data to back up our efforts.

At this stage of the assessment, we will review next steps with you and your team. We’ll also show you how, through Managed Print Services, we can take a proactive approach to your printing environment to foresee and prevent issues before they arise, maximizing your fleet’s uptime and optimizing office productivity.

Monitoring & Reporting

AUTOMATED SUPPLY ORDERING: One of the key features of Managed Print Services is that it allows us to automate supply delivery. With MPS, your printers and copiers tell us everything we need to know about their usage in your office. Therefore, we know exactly how much toner you have in stock because we know how much has been used. We monitor that usage and send you more of the supplies you need when you need them. This frees up your administrative staff or IT department from having to keep an eye on its availability. Instead, we’ll send you what you need when you need it. Automatically!

REPORTING & PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: When it comes to remaining competitive in today’s market, most businesses rely on data of some sort to help them thrive. But when was the last time you looked at data surrounding your print environment? Our Managed Print Services solution provides real, quantifiable data about your printing and copying outputs and device usage so you can make educated, smart decisions to optimize your fleet while reducing costs.

Depending on the size of your imaging environment, you will receive service and usage reports with detailed summaries about your fleet every six months. Check out the kind of reporting your company will receive with Kelly Office Solutions’ Managed Print Services by clicking on any of the items listed below. For more information or to get started, contact us today!

Type of Reports:

This report tracks all of the details of your service call history. It identifies every call that was made, who made the call, what the issue was, and when it was resolved.

This report is an important one that centers on your supply order history. You’ll know exactly how much you spend on supplies so you can budget accordingly moving forward.

This report shows how your team uses your imaging devices. It identifies top performers as well as devices that are used less frequently so you can make educated decisions about your fleet. Consider if your most utilized device is the oldest one in your fleet. It might be time to update machines to best fit your workflows. Conversely, if you have several devices that are rarely used, it may be time to consolidate. This report helps you determine next steps.

This report provides a breakdown of every printer and copier in your entire office or building. It also shows where each device is located and the exact number of copies or prints that are made from each machine. It can even determine the number of color or black & white copies being made, so you have a better handle on consumable usage and, ultimately, spending.

This report is an “executive snapshot” of the overall performance of your printer and copier fleet. In addition to providing comprehensive usage and performance data, this report goes one step further by identifying possible red flags based on overuse or age of devices and supplies a proactive plan to resolve these issues before they become headaches for your staff and hault workflows.

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Leasing & Rental

Kelly Office Solutions’ leasing and rental program helps local businesses meet the demands of their daily tasks. By analyzing your entire print output requirements, we will help your company by developing a customized plan to supply you with the office equipment you need. No matter what type of business you have or what industry you serve our goal for you is to supply you with the following:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Optimized print fleet
  • Enhanced bottom line

We aim to provide each Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte office we serve with fluid and flexible options. For a more in-depth analysis of your current print fleet and recommendations on how your technology can better serve your needs, consider our free, no-obligation assessment as part of our total Managed Print Services solution.

Kelly Office Solutions adheres to a higher standard, featuring equipment intended to automate your office more fully and render it more productive.

What Others Have To Say

“We rely on Kelly Office Solutions for our entire company’s printing and copying needs. We are a company with 350 employees and fourteen field offices all of which they serve. All needs are met on a timely and professional basis. It is nice to know there is still a local company here when you need them.”

Debbie Scott, S & N Communications

“It has also been a pleasure to work with their service department. They are polite, courteous, and very responsive to our needs. Response times are fast and the level of communication has been outstanding.”

David Shelton , Pike Electric, Inc.

“Kelly Office Solutions has been one of our best vendors for six years running. The service department is prompt and efficient. In over 15 years of dealing with office equipment vendors, I have never seen a vendor that is so customer focused.”

Rick Aaronson , Lexington Home Brands

“Aside from the quality, efficiency, and ease of use of the products we utilize from them, their attention and constant focus on customer service are in one word impressive. Mr. Murrell and others associated with Kelly Office Solutions are quick to respond to any challenge, request, or demand placed in front of them.”

Quintin Williams , Debbie's Staffing Services

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