Managed Print Services

Why Managed Print Services?

  • Most organizations have no idea what they spend on printer supplies, repairs, overhead and soft costs
  • Many organizations don’t know how many printers they have or where they all are located
  • Printer and Copier related issues consume an inordinate amount of the IT Department’s time
  • Keeping printer supplies in stock takes up valuable space that could be better utilized
  • Printers are even considered “disposable”. If it stops working properly it gets replaced even when the repair could have been            performed by a technician
  • Managed Print Service is a turnkey solution to these issues. We provide all supplies and service on most printer brands and models at  a low fixed cost per page. In most cases this cost ends up being less than what an organization is currently spending.
  • We can provide you with a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current printer fleet that will show you your total cost of              ownership. Afterwards we will present you with all the data we gather and a proposed solution to your unique situation. Even if you  decline our services you’ll get lots of valuable information you most likely do not currently have



100% Dummy-Proof Digital Archiving

DigiDocFlow® brings you a remarkably easy solution for office archiving. Based on proven software DigiDocFlow® was designed for Savin multi-functional systems with scan functionality.It’s a secure, centralized archive that can be linked to your existing XML-based applications, eliminating the risk of documents being lost.


100% Text searchable PDFs enable fast and accurate searches, while co-workers can work on documents collaboratively. Its intuitive operation requires no training whatsoever.And thanks to the flexible database structure, DigiDocFlow® even reduces the system administrator’s workload. This customizable tool meets all needs from basic filing to advanced archiving.


  • Money saving –

Eliminates the need for physical archiving

  • Time saving –

Puts an end to time-consuming manual archiving and retrieval

  • Optimizing productivity and efficiency –

Embeds filing in your daily workflow

  • Enhancing sharing and security –

Stores all files on a central server location

  • Improving customer relation management –

All files instantly accessible

  • Maximizing return on investment –

Expands the functionalities of your existing hardware

  • Affordable –

Aaccommodates unlimited user numbers and scan volumes at a one-time cost



On-demand document management

DocumentMall from Savin is a powerful, Web-enabled document management and storage solution that provides secure, 24/7 access to documents. It allows users to consolidate hardcopy and electronic files in a secure online repository for real-time access from anywhere in the world.

With a computer and Web browser, authorized users can easily store, share, track, revise, retrieve, print and distribute documents.


Because DocumentMall is an on-demand solution (or software-as-a-service), there is no equipment or software to buy and setup requires little or no IT involvement.


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