If you think that the current air unit you're using is the best on the market, you need to think again. The everyday air cleaners today capture germs and other micro-organisms, but they then become breeding grounds for bacteria if you don't change them. They often have low coverage areas, require frequent maintenance, and limit the airflow in the space. The graph below shows our units have proven reduction of contaminants on surfaces. Maintaining not just the air you're breathing but surfaces you are touching as well.

School Campaign graph depicting 80% reduction in airborne contaminants in just two hours.

ActivePure Technology is the smart solution for everyone. It is both safe and powerful. It's an ideal solution for all kinds of people, places, and environments. Learning environments are one of the most significant aspects of our day-to-day lives that were hit directly by Covid-19. This technology clears the air and surfaces of viruses, including Covid-19, other airborne viruses, and eliminates SARS. The graph below shows the proven bacteria removal on a gram base level from the FDA-Compliant Lab.

School Campaign graph depicting that 99.9999% is cleaned in 60 minutes