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2016 March


What to Consider before Your Next MFP Purchase

Multifunction printers, or MFPs, offer big rewards in a relatively small package. The minimal footprint of an all-in-one machine eliminates the need for separate standalone printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, saving your business space and money. Consider these factors before your next MFP purchase or lease:

Printing – When choosing an MFP for your business, it’s important to survey your current print outputs and volume needs. Depending on individual makes and model types, MFPs can print up to thousands of pages per day on diverse media—like letterhead, thick cardstock, envelopes, and labels—while other devices are more limited in terms of output and paper handling.

Copying – Monochrome copying options usually come standard on modern MFPs, but color copying is also available on many models. They also typically allow for resizing—25 percent to 400 percent—when copying documents.

Faxing – Many businesses…

Industry Stories

Overcome Procrastination with These Simple Tips

For those who want to mitigate stress and stop procrastinating, consider the following simple tips. Break Larger Goals into Smaller Tasks – Breaking a monumental project down into smaller, more manageable parts makes achieving your goal seem much more…

Cloud Storage: How to Maximize Cloud Potential and Protect Business Data

How can you make the most out of cloud storage, while maintaining strict security standards concerning your business data? Here’s a quick overview: Optimize Your Cloud – Cloud computing allows for continual collaboration across systems, making all of your business…

Email vs. Voicemail: When to Use Each and Why

What’s your preference, voicemail or email? Here are some pointers to help you decide when to email your message or when to pick up the phone instead. Email is essential to modern business communication. Here are some reasons why: You can respond to an email on a noisy…

Community News

Why You Should Never Eat at Your Desk Again

You need to get out of your chair for your health – Studies show that sitting for too long can shorten your life span. It increases our risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 Diabetes, and strokes. Spending all day at our desks can also lead to anxiety and depression.