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2020 June



is from Johns Hopkins University and has an Excel attachment which claims to have stats about the number of coronavirus deaths in America. If you open that attachment and click on ‘Enable Content,’ it will download software that allows cybercriminals to take over your computer and steal confidential information. So don’t open any Excel files from Johns Hopkins! NOTE: there will be more scams like this, so please remember always to Think Before You Click!

We can help train your employees on these types of attacks and many others. Business networks are vulnerable right now. Let us help you be secure and protect your system before an attack occurs.

Industry Stories

Back to Business: Safely Reopening Your Doors During the Pandemic

Businesses across the country are beginning to reopen as restrictions are being loosened and shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders relaxed in most regions. With Americans slowly starting to return to their place of work, their companies must be prepared by planning ahead to open up safely and sustainably. However, all businesses are different, and certain areas continue to emerge as hotspots, making it riskier for owners to reopen. Companies that are considering reopening their …

The New Classroom

With the constant changes that are happening every day, it is hard to stay on top of our kids’ needs and daily lives. This is even more difficult for our educators. Making the switch over to online classes has been a difficult change for most and hard to get used to. Building a structure for our youth to learn and grow from is imperative for their future and ours. Let us show you how interactive whiteboards can help you connect with the increasing number of tech-savvy students, and make learning genuinely limitless and fun again! Let us create your new classroom for you.