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Plastic Bottled Water and the Environment

Water is essential to healthy living. Your body is made up of nearly 80 percent water and every organ and every function in your body needs water to work properly. As more people have discovered this easy health tip they have turned more to bottled water.

Bottled water, whether filtered or spring, is a great way to have access to fresh water at all times. However, as its popularity grows, so does its impact on the environment. Sadly, with the amount of bottled water that is now consumed on a daily basis the landfills are overflowing with plastic bottles.

Simple Solution

Since it would be unwise and unhealthy to stop drinking water, the solution must come from how to get the water. The answer is simple: reusable drinking containers and Pure Water Technology. Implementing a superior water filtration system into your office or home will allow you to produce ultra clean drinking water that you can use to fill reusable bottles so that you always have access to clean water to drink.

If you were able to refill your container 5 times a day instead of throwing out 5 water bottles each day, think of the positive impact it would have on the environment. Something so simple could have such a major impact on the environment around you.

Charlotte Office Water Supply is pleased to offer Pure Water Technology filtration systems. Our water filters purify at a standard that meets or exceeds commercial water suppliers’ level of filtration. You can now enjoy the same fresh water that you buy at the store in the convenience of your office or home.

If you are serious about staying healthy by drinking enough water each day and you want to have a positive impact on the environment around you, it is time to speak with Charlotte Office Water Supply. One of our professional staff will be pleased to tell you about our water technology filtration systems and how it could be beneficial to your office or home.