Purelogix 1000 Countertop Unit

Greensboro Office Water delivery The importance of a safe and pure product can not be overestimated in a water cooler for the home or office. When space is of concern, Kelly Office Solutions offers the PURELOGIX 1000 COUNTERTOP UNIT. This item makes possible a purified beverage within a small and light unit. It does this without sacrificing much of the holding tank capacity. 1.2 gallons are still in reserve to enable a constant full pressure flow throughout the day with frequent use.

Greensboro Office Water Delivery

Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Kelly Office Solutions offers the benefit of a multi phase filtration system in this petite countertop unit. This process removes dissolved solids, dirt, harmful concentrations of metals and minerals, and microbial contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Clean Contact- This feature enhances the safety of the work place by employing an anti microbial touch pad to prevent cross contamination from heavy use by a high volume of people. This feature also eliminates the need for daily sanitization of the unit to prevent harmful bacteria or fungus from forming on it’s surface.