For the most part, our managed print environments are pretty self-sustaining thanks to the herd of people back at our offices who keep the wheels turning every day. Every now and then, though, something breaks or goes down. Or maybe you just have a question and need to talk to someone.

Our help desk is staffed by folks who know our printers and copiers inside and out. If there is a problem, they can solve it.┬áIf it can’t be fixed over the phone or via remote login, our techs are happy to come to your office for service and support.

Printer & Copier Repair or Upgrades

Our upgrade process is proactive, not reactive. We’ll know what’s wrong before it causes an interoffice meltdown. We’re able to detect problems ahead of time and get your machine repaired or replaced. If we figure out that a laser printer under your Managed Print Services contract is unserviceable, or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the machine, we’ll replace it with a comparable model for free.