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Wide Format Printer Buying Guide: Making the Right Decision

If you’re in advertising, marketing, branding, construction, or any other industry that involves print wide-scale visuals, a wide format printer is an essential tool. Unlike a standard printer, this model produces crisp text and high-quality images, making it ideal for photo-heavy tradeshow graphics, banners, vehicle wraps, posters, murals, and other similar printouts. Unfortunately, the initial cost for this type of printer may be a little discouraging. However, its long-term benefits outweigh the upfront investment required. Here, we’ll discuss reasons for buying a wide format printer and the factors [...]

All-in-One Office Printer Options: Navigating the Market for the Best Choice

The printer you choose for your office is more than just a business tool. It’s an investment. Compared with other technologies, the humble printer has fundamentally changed little in recent years, increasing in efficiency while decreasing in cost. Still, the market is vast, and deciding which all-in-one office printer is right for your needs may seem daunting. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here are the factors to consider and questions to ask that’ll help you narrow down your options and make [...]

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Laser Printer Mastery: Unpacking the Tech Behind the Prints

The laser printer has seen many changes since its invention in the 1970s. Once a cutting-edge technology, it now sits comfortably in so many offices and homes. But what makes it tick, and what separates them from other printers, like inkjets? This article will look closer at the surprisingly fascinating laser printers and explore how they’ve become so ubiquitous in places like Charlotte and far beyond. How Does a Laser Printer Work? It’s worth understanding the core principles that make a laser printer work to see what makes [...]

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Business Printer Guide

Selecting the right business printer for your office may seem like a complicated task. After all, there are many models with all kinds of features on the market today. By assessing the common types of printers, you can make the right choice for your business to maximize effectiveness and workflow while staying within your budget. In this guide, we’ll review business printer types and features and explain how to choose the best model for your organization. The Different Business Printer Types There are several different types of printers [...]

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Increase Multifunction Printer Security with These Proven Tips

Print is by no means dead. Countless offices across the globe depend on print to help maintain critical workflows and complete a wide variety of business tasks. The devices they use include multifunction printers. However, they’re not immune to the dangers that face other connected technologies, especially in today’s age of cyberattacks. Hackers can just as easily breach a multifunction printer as they can ransack computers and cloud storage. For IT staff, increasing multifunction printer security through the use of best practices is an absolute priority. Threats Multifunction [...]

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The Big Business Benefits of An Office Copier

If a company is a vehicle delivering products and services to customers worldwide, technology is the engine. From stable high-speed internet to more mundane office equipment, modern tech makes commerce possible in today’s markets. Business processes, employee workflows, and a company’s overall success hinge on having reliable, quality equipment with the right features. Office copiers are a workhorse in the workplace. The modern copier is a multifunction device that handles the jobs of many lesser machines. It can simplify workflows, save space and electricity, and give your company [...]

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How Wide Format Printers Help North Carolina Businesses Produce Large-Scale Designs

Is business printing dead? Not at all. Every North Carolina industry, even the tech world, needs printing capabilities. Technology has probably increased the need for print documents as people have to digest a vast amount of information daily. Printed copies help separate critical priorities from the blur of emails, notes, texts, and digital fog that come thick and fast. In addition to standard printers, there is a need for wide format or large format printers. Whether it's building design blueprints, engineering specs for a prototype, or landscaping layouts from [...]

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Things You Didn’t Know Printers Could Do

Everyone understands that a printer is designed to take information from a computer or other device and turn it into a hard copy. Printers have always been used for this purpose. Technology, however, has significantly increased the use of printers. You may be amazed at what a printer can do for your office now. Printers now have scanning capabilities. This means that your office printer can be used to create digital files of your hard copies. This is a fabulous way to transition many of your stored documents [...]

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