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Customers With a Technology Plan for Continued Operations

Kelly Office Solutions Provides Customers With a Technology Plan for Continued Operations Leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MTSP) Helps Businesses Owners Persevere Through the Pandemic WINSTON SALEM, GREENSBORO, CHARLOTTE — January 2021 – Kelly Office Solutions, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is building technology plans for businesses to continue to operate through the pandemic. Kelly Office Solutions begins by evaluating an organization’s existing technology and then creates a plan to maximize operations and employee productivity with the proper technology that supports [...]

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Cyber Security Brings Peace of Mind to Business Owners and their IT Networks

Region’s Leader in Managed Technology Services Educates Customers on the Evolution of Malicious Threats   WINSTON SALEM, GREENSBORO, CHARLOTTE — December 2020 — Kelly Office Solutions, a leading managed technology services provider, announced today that the company has launched an awareness campaign on recent advancements in cyber security. As technology has become even more central to business operations, hackers have grown in proficiency and are posing several new threats to business owners. Kelly Office Solutions, is actively engaged in alerting customers of these new methods by which hackers [...]

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Kitchen Tip: What are the best ways to clean a coffee maker?

There are few things better when you get to work in the morning than a fresh cup of coffee. However, taking a sip of coffee and having it taste awful can set the mood for the day. There are two main reasons that your coffee can taste bad. The water you are using may have a high content of impurities and minerals, and the coffee maker may not be properly cleaned. Over time, especially if you have hard water, a scale can build up on the inside of [...]

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Phishing Attacks in the Healthcare Industry

We all like to think we are smarter than the criminals that are out there, but the truth is they are very good at what they do. Phishing attacks are a massive issue for the Healthcare Industry. Below you will find some clues on how to spot phishing attacks in your email: (for the full list click here for Webroot) The email is not addressed to the recipient. If the recipient was truly being notified by Charles Schwab that there was an issue with their account, they would [...]

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Reverse Osmosis is your way to True Pure Water

If you think your water is clean because it's filtered, you would be mistaken. There are a lot of things like arsenic, sulfates, and viruses that may still be in your water after a carbon blocker or carbon filtration system.  If you want a simple comparison on the items that can still be in your water just take a look at the table below from the Holistic Wellness website. Check out the rest of the article for all the facts. https://bit.ly/32M8h0n Reverse Osmosis Purification vs. Carbon Filtration Tap [...]

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