If you think your water is clean because it’s filtered, you would be mistaken. There are a lot of things like arsenic, sulfates, and viruses that may still be in your water after a carbon blocker or carbon filtration system.  If you want a simple comparison on the items that can still be in your water just take a look at the table below from the Holistic Wellness website. Check out the rest of the article for all the facts. https://bit.ly/32M8h0n

Reverse Osmosis Purification vs. Carbon Filtration

Tap Water
May Contain:
Reverse Osmosis /
Carbon Combination
Carbon Block or
Activated Carbon
Bad Taste Removes Improves
Odor Removes Improves
Turbidity Removes Reduces
Organic Compounds* Removes Removes
Chlorine & THMs Removes Removes
Bacteria Removes Can Control Growth*
Viruses Removes Will Not Remove
Cysts Removes Removes Some
Parasites Removes Removes Some
Arsenic Removes Will Not Remove
Heavy Metals* Removes Removes Some
Dissolved Solids* Removes Will Not Remove
Fluoride Removes Will Not Remove
Sulfates Removes Will Not Remove
Nitrates Removes Will Not Remove
Radioactivity Removes Removes
Asbestos Removes Removes

*Organic Compounds – include Pesticides, Herbicides, and Insecticides.
*Heavy Metals – include Iron, Lead, Cadmium, and Aluminum.
*Dissolved Solids – include Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and inorganic minerals.
*Silver-Impregnated Carbon – can control bacterial growth.

If you want pure water, then the reverse osmosis system is the only way to go. https://kellyofficesolutions.com/