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Server Management: What Its All About And How Does It Work?

Computers have become integrated into so many different areas of a business that the loss of service can lead to serious problems. Businesses can suffer economic losses when their computer systems go down as well as losing valuable information permanently. If you manage your business computer and programs on a server, the potential for damage to your company is even greater. Most smaller businesses do not have the resources to employ a full time IT person to manage their servers. Money and resources in these situations are needed [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Project Management

A crucial part of project management is having the information and technology you need to bring your project together. You can plan and delegate tasks to try to make a project happen, but without access to information, the project may not be successful. When groups of people are working for the same end-goal, communication and access to information are imperative for success. For successful project management, you must apply SKITT: Skills Knowledge Information Tools Technology Project managers must seek out employees with the right skills, apply their knowledge [...]

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