What keeps your company running smoothly? No, it’s not your high-tech office equipment or expensive computer network. It’s the people working there. Your employees’ workflow can make or break your business during crunch time.

Business office solutions like water delivery, ice makers, and coffee can ensure everyone’s energy levels and morale remain high. They are also amenities that can get you on the right footing with customers and vendors who drop by. Let’s take a closer look at what these business office solutions have to offer your company:

Water to Keep Your Team Hydrated

In the United States, employers are legally required to provide drinking water. However, lukewarm tap water won’t impress your customers or your employees. It often has a distinctive taste from the water purification process and the pipes it comes through.

This water is fine for washing your hands, but clean, purified water is better for drinking. And it can help your team stay efficient and motivated in several ways:

  • Well-hydrated employees are more productive. They are better able to focus and will have a better mood when interacting with clients.
  • People with more physically challenging jobs can keep up with their workload. They’re less likely to have dizzy spells, be clumsy, or get into an accident.
  • Water and coffee (see below) are also key to keeping energy levels high. Regular hydration helps your employees stave off an energy slump towards the end of the day.

However, it’s not just the water itself that can help people stay productive. The simple act of walking to the water cooler and back improves performance. Getting up and stretching your legs for a minute, coupled with a change of scenery as you go to the break room, helps you return to your desk with renewed focus and a fresh perspective on your current tasks.

A water cooler, paired with purified water delivery, is one of the most affordable business office solutions you can invest in to upgrade your workplace. It is also less expensive than providing sodas or energy drinks. For a small investment, you’ll have an amenity that both employees and clients will appreciate year-round.

Ice to Take Your Service to The Next Level

What’s a glass of water without some ice? Sure, you could send the intern out to buy a new bag of ice every day, but an ice dispenser will be more cost-effective in the long run. These machines come in several sizes and price points. Many can also produce classy ice variations like crescents, dice, and crushed nuggets.

The three most common types of ice makers are modular style, commercial, and countertop.

Modular ice machines are large, heavy, and built for one purpose: to produce hundreds of pounds of ice per day. This is typically in the 500 to 1,900 pound range. Some businesses can easily go through this much ice, while small offices will need a far more modest supply.

Commercial ice makers are a bit smaller than modular ones. They usually produce 600 to 800 pounds of ice each day. That smaller production volume usually means a smaller and lighter unit. Some of these machines have an additional function. They can dispense water, creating a one-stop hydration station.

If the modular ice machines and commercial ice makers are too big for your needs, countertop ice dispensers may be the answer.

Coffee as a Business Staple

Coffee is seen as the lifeblood of the business world. It has a well-deserved reputation. According to Reuters, 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day. The national average is more than three cups daily.

Why is this? The obvious answer is to increase energy levels and alertness in the early morning and stave off that well-known afternoon slump. Although this is certainly true, an in-house coffee machine also offers other benefits.

First of all, coffee stimulates the nervous system. Studies suggest it helps people concentrate, learn, and remember. It also blocks sleep-inducing hormones from affecting the brain, making it a staple for people on the late shift.

Considering the national average, at least 64% of your employees rely on coffee to do their best in the office. If they have to go out and grab a cup from elsewhere, they run the risk of idling in a traffic jam or getting stuck in a long line. This disrupts the work cycle and cuts into productivity. Providing coffee in-house is a highly convenient way to boost energy without delays and distractions.

The office coffee machine or scheduled coffee delivery has a final, less obvious benefit: building workplace bonds. People talk as they wait for their brew, just like they might talk at the office water cooler. They aren’t just socializing and having idle chit-chat. These employees are building bridges and getting more comfortable around the colleagues they work with for 40+ hours a week. A positive social environment helps people function better and work more effectively as a team.

Ready to Invest in Business Office Solutions?

Business office solutions include products and services like water coolers, ice makers, and a steady supply of coffee. These amenities keep your employees’ moods and energy levels high. They also demonstrate to visiting customers and vendors that their comfort is a priority for your company. These solutions act as finishing touches on your brand and broadcast a clear dedication to offering first-class services and products.

Are you interested in learning more about keeping your Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or Charlotte company stocked with these business office necessities? If so, contact Kelly Office Solutions today, and one of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.