Business security and employee productivity are both affected by the performance of the company workstations. If your business does not have the right security measures in place, the latest versions of software installed, or have active management of all apps being used in a workstation, productivity can decline, and security can be breached.

Our Greensboro IT services can help manage your workstations so that your company is secure and that employee productivity at their workstations is at its best.

Workstation Management Services

We provide the following services for Workstation Management

* Install and maintain all security software

* Install all Windows updates and patches for peak performance

* Install and maintain all third-party apps

* Use a layered approach to security to ensure that all employees only have the access they need to perform their duties

* Place restrictions on access to different types of information within the company if desired

* Restrict Internet access or specific site access to ensure peak employee performance and protect the company from accessing undesirable sites

* Make sure that all valuable information is being backed up correctly

* Make sure that irrelevant data is purged so that system continues to run at top speeds

* Make sure relevant maintenance is performed so that system continues to run properly

By performing routine workstation management, your business will have the security protection it needs to protect proprietary information as well as client and financial data. Additionally, the business will be able to make sure that all employees have access to the systems they need to perform their job functions.

Additional Services Offered For Workstation Management

Our Greensboro IT services are available for additional services concerning workstations. We understand that companies are always evolving and that new employees are continually brought onboard as the companies grow.

Our service techs can train your new employees on how to use their workstations if they are unfamiliar with the systems. Our service techs can also come ut and customize the new workstations when an employee arrives so that they have access to everything they need for their job description.

If increased productivity and digital security are important to your company, we encourage you to speak with one of our service reps on how we can provide workstation management services for your company.