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Kelly Office Solutions Helps Customers Enhance Network Security

Through Managed IT Services

In its purest form, our managed IT services anticipate IT issues before they crop up. It’s a proactive and cost-effective approach that has changed the way businesses improve their productivity, streamline efficiency and keep critical information safe. This approach enables business owners to stay focused on their core competencies, instead of trying to understand the complexities of IT networks. There are five critical areas where we leverage the proactive approach to enhance security.

  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware. Most viruses spread so fast because they are delivered in the simplest ways. Viruses are usually deployed through email, software downloads, or phishing sites. Kelly Office Solutions provides regularly updates virus protection so the latest threats can be combatted.
  • Data Backup. If you’ve ever lost your data, your presentation or a file went missing, you’ve felt the sting of a lacking data backup program. While most businesses have partial backups in place, Kelly Office Solutions provides companies with cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery programs in order to eliminate this problem from their IT landscape.
  • Software Updates. If you’ve ever snoozed a security update, you’ve potentially put your company at risk for greater harm. Kelly Office Solutions team of technicians work around the clock to instantaneously and continuously update the software so customers are always on the latest version.
  • Unauthorized Users. Keeping unauthorized users out – of buildings, software programs, and internal networks – is another vital component for a comprehensive data protection program. Leaving these areas unprotected is irresponsible as leaving your doors unlocked at night. Kelly Office Solutions monitors activity constantly and works with customers to provide access to necessary employees.
  • Cloud & Mobile Security. Virtually every business in today’s marketplace relies on some form of cloud-based technology or mobile phones. Each one of these poses a potential threat to the network and creates vulnerability for the network, especially if left ignored. Kelly Office Solutions monitors personal devices to protect against threats entering the network taking mobile security and cybersecurity to another level.


“When an organization takes the time to assess these areas of their business, it’s very easy to dramatically improve the health of their technology,” said Tim Renegar, President of Kelly Office Solutions. “We are very well versed in these areas and can bring years of expertise and experience to the table. The modern organization can simply not afford to ignore these areas of their business any longer and by partnering with us we can prevent a catastrophic event.”