The office copier. Almost every business has one, possibly tucked out of view, but it’s an important part of keeping your organization functioning. Most employees never give the machine a second thought. It’s there when you need it and forgot seconds later.

To keep it operational and always ready to print or copy, it needs some attention and care. Is your office copier being neglected? In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know to keep this important piece of office equipment functioning.

Office Copier Daily General Maintenance

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of the office copier malfunctioning, you already know how it can bring work to a total standstill. For instance, reports need to be printed and business expense receipts require copying. These things don’t simply cease to be important when the copier isn’t working.

You can keep this vital piece of equipment problem-free by performing some basic daily and weekly maintenance. First, we’ll go over what should be done daily.

  • Turn it off

At the end of each working day, the copier should be powered off. They consume a lot of energy, so by turning them off at the end of the day, you can extend their lifespan. Even when in sleep mode, it’s still using energy. Copiers can generate heat, which in turn could degrade their components. There’s no need for it to be up and running when no one is in the office.

  • Give it time to warmup

Once powered on in the morning, allow it to warm up  properly and run whatever calibration it needs to do automatically. Pressing the copy button immediately before the copier is turned on only creates more wear and tear.

  • Properly load paper

Sometimes office workers get annoyed when they attempt to make a copy or they’ve sent a document to print, only to discover it’s out of paper. Their natural reaction is to angrily rip open a fresh ream of paper and slam it into the paper tray. This is not how to treat an office copier and will most likely lead to a paper jam.

Did you know that there’s a proper way to load paper? The best technique to avoid paper jams when loading paper is  first to open the ream of paper and ensure that its wrapper is completely removed and there’s no glue from the wrapper stuck to any sheets. Hold the long edge in one hand and gently fan the paper as if you were fanning a deck of cards. This will remove any paper dust that could interfere with the many moving parts inside. Gently place the ream in the paper tray and ensure that it fits properly and snugly.

Office Copier Weekly or As-Needed General Maintenance

To show the copier the love it needs, there are a few things you should do weekly or as-needed. It should go without saying that all parts of it should be treated gently. Don’t let the copy glass cover slam down when making copies as it could lead to damage or possibly crack the glass. Neatly place papers in the document feeder ensuring that they’ve been jogged and all paperclips and staples have been removed. Other suggestions include:

  • Clean the glass

Weekly or as needed, clean the glass properly so you’ll always get the best-looking copies possible. Wipe the glass with a lint-free cloth to remove dust. For deeper cleaning, use a window cleaning product, but never spray it directly onto the glass. By doing so, some of the cleansers could get inside the copier and damage its components. The proper method is to spray it onto a lint-free cloth and then proceed to clean the glass to remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints.

  • Wipe down the paper tray(s)

Copier paper, especially budget brands, can leave behind a lot of paper dust. This dust can accumulate inside copiers and cause equipment breakdowns and paper jams. Weekly, or as necessary, remove the paper from the trays and gently tap the trays over a trash can to let the dust fall off. Wipe them down thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.

  • Empty Waste Toner Properly

Some experienced office workers know how to “trick” the copier when it comes time to empty the waste toner bin. When the copier alerts you that the waste toner reservoir is full, don’t simply tap or shake it so you can get a few more copies through the machine. Doing so can cause used toner to trickle back inside the machine which could cause future problems. Take the time to remove and properly replace it by following the instructions on the new reservoir’s box.

Keep an Inventory List of Supplies

It’s important to know exactly which copier supplies you have on hand. Toner or ink, especially for color machines, can quickly run out. For color machines with multiple toners, certain ones are consumed much more quickly than others. If one runs out and you don’t have a replacement, you won’t be able to print anything in the correct colors or at all. Maintaining an accurate inventory list is essential to keep your machine running as it may take your supplier a day or longer to deliver what you need. Remember, it’s not your toner supplier’s responsibility to ensure that you have enough toner when needed.

Keep Your Office Running

Taking care of your copier will help ensure that it’s works properly every time you need it. Showing it the care it deserves can also add years to its lifespan. There can, however, come a time when it’ll need to be properly maintained by a professional.

For supplies or to request service for your office copier in Winston Salem, Charlotte, or Greensboro, contact the experts at Kelly Office Solutions.