Offices continue to print more than you might expect. Of course, much of the office work has been digitized, but physical paper still has a special place. One device that makes handling paper much more manageable and compact is an all-in-one office printer.

Far from being just a printer, it’s a jack-of-all-trades that can print, scan, copy, and even send and receive faxes. Let’s see how these multifunctional marvels shape office spaces all over the business world.

The Evolution of Office Printers

How exactly did the all-in-one office printer come to be? Here is a brief history lesson.

From Humble Beginnings

Office printers seem so simple and innocuous that it may be hard to imagine their fascinating history from humble beginnings to engineering brilliance.

At first, printing was cumbersome and labor-intensive, demanding genuinely strenuous physical effort. The first high-speed laser printer, the IBM 3800, came out in 1976 and was used at the F.W. Woolworth’s North American data center. Then, the 1990s saw another major leap in printer technology with color printers, popularized by companies like Xerox. They combined the capacities of traditional copiers and color printing of laser printers. This was the beginning of multifunctional printing and copying devices.

Technological Advancements

The all-in-one office printer emerged relatively recently but has already come a long way. Such a device can print, scan, copy, and connect to multiple devices at once. These office printers now include wireless connectivity to communicate with multiple computers within an office or even different offices within the company. This way, it has expanded the scope of printing tasks. For example, different departments within a company can work on a task, such as marketing material, and each can connect to the same printer to print out their part of the project.

Also, these printers are much more energy-efficient. The reasons are easy to spot. It’s one device that does the job of several traditional devices. But it isn’t the only reason. Manufacturers increasingly design these devices to consume less energy and produce less heat overall without diminishing performance. Another plus is that they are all-in-one, make less waste, and are easier to recycle.

All-in-One Printers in Different Industries

Multifunctional printers can benefit every industry, but some industries may benefit more than others. For example, in healthcare, they can help manage patient records efficiently, streamline administrative tasks in education, and simplify handling inventory and marketing materials in retail.

Why Choose an All-in-One Office Printer?

So, what exactly can an all-in-one office printer do for your office?

Space Saving

The all-in-one office printer can save so much space. Small and medium-sized businesses greatly benefit from saving office space with these compact printers. By integrating multiple functions into one device, the printers eliminate the need for separate scanners, copiers, and fax machines. If your company only has one or two offices or small space, this is clearly necessary. In urban office settings where space is at a premium, this is potentially the only way to get all the functionality needed for continuous office operations.

Cost Effective

In terms of cost-effectiveness, all-in-one printers are a smart way to be budget-conscious. If you consolidate all the printing tasks into one multifunctional device, your overall printing costs will decrease drastically. These savings stem from needing far less maintenance, using less electricity, and requiring fewer consumables like ink and toner. This makes all-in-one printers practical and financially savvy, too.

Energy Efficient

All-in-one printers lead the way in conserving energy in offices. Multifunctional printers might use up to 40% less energy than standalone printers, scanners, and copiers combined. Lower energy consumption means lower energy bills each month, which the company can instead invest into other, more beneficial expenses. It’s also more environmentally responsible, as inefficient energy consumption is a major contributor to environmental issues.

Features to Look For in All-in-One Office Printers

All-in-one office printers are excellent for most office environments, but some are even better than others. Take a look at some of the features to consider.

Print Quality and Speed

The best all-in-one printers can deliver print resolutions of around 4800 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch), which is an impressive amount and creates crisp, clear documents and vibrant images that can be used for different applications, like promotional material, official documents, scans of official forms and much more. Some models can print up to 25 pages per minute. So if you need a fast turnaround, high-quality models, even if somewhat pricier, may cover this demand.


Many may opt for traditional cable-connected printers, but if your office needs more connectivity, several models will fit the bill. Modern printers have connectivity options that enable printing from multiple devices or even outside the office. These printers include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (Near Field Communication) that can connect with computers, embedded devices, phones, and tablets. A new all-in-one office printer may also have cloud connectivity, so you can store your documents anywhere and then access and print them directly.

Additional Functions

Just because these printers are compact and combine the features of several standalone devices doesn’t mean these devices have to cut corners on advanced features. Many high-level all-in-one printers include advanced features like duplex scanning (scanning both sides of a page), automatic document feeders for bulk scanning, and high-resolution copying. These features let the printers handle a wide range of office tasks with incredible speed and efficiency.

The Environmental Impact

Multi-purpose printers save the environment. Some of the reasons have been pointed out already, but let’s take a closer look. For one, they reduce the carbon footprint because they produce less waste, use less energy, and possibly even need less ink. Many are made with eco-friendly materials, making them more recyclable and applicable for recycling programs.

Everything in One Device

An all-in-one office printer, just as its name implies, does it all. It’s a tool that reduces clutter without compromising on any functionality. If you run a company in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Greensboro, Kelly Office Solutions has a range of these versatile printers. Check out our website and blog for more insights, and don’t hesitate to contact us.