As the weather begins to heat up and summer approaches, North Carolina residents know that it is time to prepare for hurricane season. Hurricane season starts June 1st and goes through November 30th each year. Businesses and individuals must be prepared in the event that a storm makes landfall.

Disasters of all types can happen at any time or in any place. It does not have to be a tropical storm or hurricane that can bring about disaster-like conditions. Bad storms, earthquakes, flooding, or even man-made events like mass power failures can leave a business or individual in a bind.

This is why everyone should make preparations to protect themselves from any type of disaster. Since a majority of businesses and individuals keep their important information stored digitally, precautions must be taken to protect that data.


Preparing For Disaster Just Makes Sense


Being prepared for any unforeseen event will help protect your business. As a Winston Salem IT services provider, we have seen what happens to our clients when disaster strikes, and they lose all of their important data. Businesses suffer damages that they could have never anticipated because they had no solid back up for their business information.

Even when these businesses made copies of their data, they failed to store these copies in a safe place, and all data was lost. For many businesses, this was an end to their company.

Our Winston Salem IT services encourage everyone to be prepared by focusing on storing their important data in the cloud. Cloud storage means that your data is safe, regardless of what has physically happened to your business or computer systems. You can retrieve all of your business information from another device, which can help you get back on your feet after the disaster is over.

Now is the time to prepare because you never know when a disaster could strike. Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn how to set up your cloud storage today.