Everything You Need to Know About Your Office Copier

The office copier. Almost every business has one, possibly tucked out of view, but it’s an important part of keeping your organization functioning. Most employees never give the machine a second thought. It’s there when you need it and forgot seconds later. To keep it operational and always ready to print or copy, it needs some attention and care. Is your office copier being neglected? In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know to keep this important piece of office equipment functioning. Office Copier Daily General [...]

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Production Printer: What Is It and Do You Need One?

Printing for business purposes varies widely from private use. Yet, many businesses start out with a traditional printing setup that’s only slightly more advanced compared to what most people have at home. It usually doesn’t take long for an organization to notice that its current setup simply isn’t sufficient to meet its needs. In that case, the standard printer should be replaced with a more powerful machine – a production printer. This article will explain exactly what a production printer is, whether you need one in your business, and [...]

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Pure Technology Business Office Solutions – The Four Key Elements

When people think about business office solutions, their minds naturally gravitate to the practicalities of running an office. They’ll focus on office furniture, copiers, and printers. Some may even think about managed print or IT services. All these things do help to keep your office up and running. However, they don’t account for a key aspect of your office: the people who work in it. It doesn’t matter how good your office solutions are if you’re not taking care of your people first. At Kelly Office Solutions, we [...]

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Document Management Explained & How It Helps NC Businesses

The digital world has eliminated the need for filing cabinets, folders, drawers, and tabs. However, that doesn’t mean things have suddenly become easier when looking for a document. In fact, without solid organization and nomenclature rules, all the digital files a business generates can create a giant mess in a network. This is where document management comes into play. What Is Document Management? The art or science of document management is literally what the name says, managing documents. While it may not sound exciting like a company merger [...]

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How Managed Print Services Benefits North Carolina Businesses

Modern businesses need every edge they can find in today’s competitive marketplaces. These companies often turn to high-tech solutions and smart software to boost production, slash costs, and streamline critical processes. However, many enterprises overlook one key area where inefficiency and budget bloat can sneak in: their print environment. How much does your in-house printing setup actually cost you? To find the answer is not as simple as pulling up the ‘office supplies’ line in your expense report. Every paper-managing piece of equipment, from color printers to shredders, [...]

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Increase Multifunction Printer Security with These Proven Tips

Print is by no means dead. Countless offices across the globe depend on print to help maintain critical workflows and complete a wide variety of business tasks. The devices they use include multifunction printers. However, they’re not immune to the dangers that face other connected technologies, especially in today’s age of cyberattacks. Hackers can just as easily breach a multifunction printer as they can ransack computers and cloud storage. For IT staff, increasing multifunction printer security through the use of best practices is an absolute priority. Threats Multifunction [...]

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The Big Business Benefits of An Office Copier

If a company is a vehicle delivering products and services to customers worldwide, technology is the engine. From stable high-speed internet to more mundane office equipment, modern tech makes commerce possible in today’s markets. Business processes, employee workflows, and a company’s overall success hinge on having reliable, quality equipment with the right features. Office copiers are a workhorse in the workplace. The modern copier is a multifunction device that handles the jobs of many lesser machines. It can simplify workflows, save space and electricity, and give your company [...]

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How Air Purification Systems Benefit Your Business

When you think of perks that keep your employees healthy, happy and productive, your thoughts probably lean toward free coffee, snack machines, or even designated areas for meditation and power naps. Rarely does air purification come into the picture, but with the global COVID-19 pandemic still dominating the news, air purification systems are definitely worth considering for your business. What Are Air Purification Systems and How Do They Work? As the name implies, air purification systems purify the air by removing various airborne pollutants. These impurities run the [...]

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Business Office Solutions to Keep You Up and Running: Water, Ice, & Coffee

What keeps your company running smoothly? No, it’s not your high-tech office equipment or expensive computer network. It’s the people working there. Your employees’ workflow can make or break your business during crunch time. Business office solutions like water delivery, ice makers, and coffee can ensure everyone’s energy levels and morale remain high. They are also amenities that can get you on the right footing with customers and vendors who drop by. Let’s take a closer look at what these business office solutions have to offer your company: [...]

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How Wide Format Printers Help North Carolina Businesses Produce Large-Scale Designs

Is business printing dead? Not at all. Every North Carolina industry, even the tech world, needs printing capabilities. Technology has probably increased the need for print documents as people have to digest a vast amount of information daily. Printed copies help separate critical priorities from the blur of emails, notes, texts, and digital fog that come thick and fast. In addition to standard printers, there is a need for wide format or large format printers. Whether it's building design blueprints, engineering specs for a prototype, or landscaping layouts from [...]

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