When people think about business office solutions, their minds naturally gravitate to the practicalities of running an office. They’ll focus on office furniture, copiers, and printers. Some may even think about managed print or IT services.

All these things do help to keep your office up and running. However, they don’t account for a key aspect of your office: the people who work in it.

It doesn’t matter how good your office solutions are if you’re not taking care of your people first. At Kelly Office Solutions, we provide Pure Technology service to ensure your company focuses as much on its people as it does on its printers. These are the four elements of Pure Technology that put people first.

Element No. 1 – Water

Current estimates state that approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. That may come as a surprise to you. After all, you don’t feel like you’re thirsty all the time. Surely three out of every four people aren’t walking around in need of a drink of water when there’s so much of it readily available to them.

They are.

Our Pure Technology service confronts that fact by providing your office with a purified water delivery service. That means your people (and your clients) won’t have to rely on lukewarm tap water that isn’t ideal for drinking. Purified water tastes better and is healthier for your body. Your employees will be more likely to drink it because of these benefits, meaning your office can take a direct stand against the American dehydration problem.

A more hydrated workforce is a more productive one. With their water needs met, your people can focus more intently on their tasks.

Element No. 2 – Ice

How does having ice available help your employees?

First, access to ice is crucial if your office is in a hot location. Being able to add ice to a drink allows your people to cool themselves down quickly when the mercury rises, allowing them to focus on the job without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

Second, ice can help people reduce stress. A study published in Medical Hypotheses suggests that chewing on ice helps to calm people down when they’re under pressure. The study offers several potential explanations, including the possibility that chewing ice activates the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in more blood flowing to the brain. Alternatively, chewing on ice may activate the body’s dive reflex, which similarly leads to higher blood flow to the brain.

Finally, imagine that somebody suffers an injury in the office. Perhaps they sprain their wrist or roll their ankle. Having access to a ready source of ice allows them to reduce swelling while they wait for treatment.

The simple point is that having access to ice benefits everybody in your office. Pure Technology business office solutions provide that access using energy-efficient and reliable ice machines that can produce up to 125 pounds of ice every day.

Element No. 3 – Coffee

Data from the National Coffee Association (NCA) shows that the majority of Americans drink coffee. Its figures state that 70% of Americans drink coffee at least once per week, with 62% drinking coffee every single day. The average coffee drinker knocks back three cups per day.

The caffeine in coffee helps most Americans start their day and often gives them the fuel they need to keep pushing until they’ve finished work.

Your office could offer vending-machine-quality coffee to its people. Or you could go above and beyond with a coffee machine that allows employees to brew a tasty drink that gives them the energy they need to be as productive as possible.

Pure Technology business office solutions offer a range of coffee machines, from single-cup brewers to high-volume machines that make multiple cups of coffee for the whole office. With Pure Technology, you also receive a coffee machine from leading brands, meaning you can trust your equipment to work well and last for a long time.

That’s not all.

Coffee isn’t just for your employees. When you welcome clients to the office, being able to offer a steaming mug of coffee helps you build your company’s reputation by showing that you care for your clients. You’ll keep your people motivated and your clients happy with Pure Technology’s coffee solutions.

Element No. 4 – Air Purification

The very air that your employees breathe may affect everything from their cognition to their productivity.

That’s according to research published by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers from the school conducted a year-long study that involved offices in six countries and from a variety of sectors. It found that a combination of fine particulate matter in the air and poor ventilation led to lower response times and reduced accuracy when taking cognition tests.

The conclusion is simple – poor indoor air quality affects people’s ability to perform.

Harvard isn’t the only organization that stresses the importance of good air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also ranks poor indoor air quality as one of its top five risks to public health.

Pure Technology solves this problem by providing air purification systems designed to improve indoor air quality. Your people benefit from cleaner and healthier air, which refreshes them and ensures they’re able to perform to their maximum potential.

People-First Business Office Solutions

When creating the perfect office, you need to look beyond equipment and furniture. Remember that your people are the key to a successful business. By taking care of your employees, you create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace.

Pure Technology business office solutions help you do that by combining the four people-first elements that combine to make the perfect office. With its water, ice, and coffee machines, Pure Technology keeps your people hydrated and energized. Combine that with air purification systems, and you ensure employees are healthy and capable of staying focused on their tasks.

At Kelly Office Solutions, we specialize in offering Pure Technology services to companies in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston Salem. If you’d like to learn more, speak to a Kelly Office Solutions expert today.